Build a Saw Sharpening Vise w/ Bill Anderson

Build a Saw Sharpening Vise w/ Bill Anderson


Bill found this unique saw sharpening vise at a tool swap meet and I wish I had seen it first! Bill has refined the design and now you can make one of your own!

This is the classic stand-up saw sharpening vise, but with a most clever, all-wooden, jaw-tightening arrangement. A full width rod rides captive in slots cut on the inner faces of the uprights. Pushing down on the rod forces it against the wedge-shaped bottom end of one of the jaws - tightening the grip on your saw. To release the jaws, just pull up!

This new two-day class will give you experience in layout, mortise & tenon work, carving, chamfering, a fine new vise, and a brief introduction to the art of saw sharpening!

Materials $125 - $175 (wood market price) payable to instructor during class.

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Traveling by Air and Need Help to Ship Your Project Home?

Please Read!

The disassembled, (unglued) saw sharpening vise might travel with you as checked baggage on some airlines. Please check with your carrier to see if this will work for you.

Ed Lebetkin in the tool store often coordinates shipping. You can make your own arrangements to ship the saw vise home, but when Ed helps, here’s how it works:

Shipping costs depend upon weight and distance and generally runs between $40 and $70. Ed will need $30 for materials, packing, and delivery to FedEx or USPS. Shipping costs will be billed via email invoice for secure web based credit card payment.

For larger projects, you will need to help Ed with packing and schlepping.

The information above refers to shipping to the lower 48 states.  Shipping to Canada for the workbench and lathe is much more expensive and subject to Canadian laws about importing wood products. 

Please refer any questions to Ed at