Moravian Workbench w/ Will Myers

Moravian Workbench w/ Will Myers


Five Days

This traditional design is great for today, especially for someone with limited space. Based on one of the benches in the collection at Old Salem, this bench is mobile yet still has enough mass to be solid and stable without needing a crane to move it. The leg vise, and the potential for installing an end (wagon-type) vise make it a versatile and powerful woodworking companion!

A mallet is all you need to take it apart or put it back together. To disassemble, lift off the bench top and shelf to release the leg vise from the mortise in the under side of the top. The vise can now be removed from the lower mortise in the top of the front long stretcher.  Knock the four wedges out of the tusk tenons in the long stretchers, pull the stretchers out of the legs and you're ready go!  The whole operation takes about a minute. 

In five days, you'll build your bench from hard yellow pine and oak. This is hefty bit of carpentry using all hand tools, so be sure that you are up to the physical labor. You'll need to swing a mallet and auger for the twenty large mortise and tenon joints before you even get to the top! Materials will run about $475 for the frame, top, and leg vise chops, including the wooden screw and nut from Lake Erie Toolworks. (The end vise is for you to complete at your discretion later.) Have workbench, will travel!

Materials: $475 paid directly to instructor during class

Five days, 9AM - 5:30PM

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Traveling by Air and Need Help to Ship Your Project Home?

Please Read!

Ed Lebetkin in the tool store often coordinates shipping. You can make your own arrangements to ship the workbench home, but when Ed helps, here’s how it works:

The workbench ships in 4 packages and will take several hours to pack.  The student is required to stay and help pack and deliver the workbench to the carrier.  The top weighs 95-130 pounds and two other packages weigh around 50 pounds each.  We cannot pack and deliver the workbench without your help. We do not have warehouse space for the workbench and the classroom needs to be cleared promptly for the next class.  Shipping costs vary from $150-300 depending upon distance.  Ed needs $150 for packing and materials.

For this large project, you will need to help Ed with packing and schlepping.

The information above refers to shipping to the lower 48 states.  Shipping to Canada for the workbench and lathe is much more expensive and subject to Canadian laws about importing wood products. 

Please refer any questions to Ed at