Make Your Dovetail Saw w/ Tom Calisto

Make Your Dovetail Saw w/ Tom Calisto


Two Days.

Make a dovetail saw that is all your own! Beginning with beech, brass and spring steel, in two fine days you’ll make your own classic open-toat dovetail saw! Master machinist Tom Calisto will guide you through the shaping, fitting and sharpening. Tom supplies all the stock, precisely prepared so that the hand fitting and creative work remains for your discerning eye.

Tom will also cover alternative approaches to saw-building, such as hand-toothing the plate, folding brass to form a back and other methods of making saw nuts, all so you can make superior saws without having to resort to machine tools.

Day One:

Tooth, sharpen and set the plate. Cut handle profile, slot and mortise for plate and spine.

Day Two:

Bore handle for saw nuts. Fit all parts and punch plate. Contour handle and flush saw nuts. Polish and tune.

All following days:

Practice modesty. Cut perfect dovetails. Think about the next saw you’ll want to make!

Materials: $60 payable to instructor on day of class.

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