Bench Hooks, Winding Sticks, Donkey's Ears, & More w/ Bill Anderson

Bench Hooks, Winding Sticks, Donkey's Ears, & More w/ Bill Anderson


By popular demand! A new class making workshop fixtures with Bill Anderson!  We’ll start with three stalwarts of the benchtop, and then carry on making additional helpers as time allows.

Begin with the BENCH HOOK – your essential friend for cross cutting, end grain planing and much more. The bench hook will be 10” deep, 12” wide, with ¾” square stops. You’ll make the bench hook with the stops the full width of the hook, and then saw off the right 2“of the stop to use as an offcut support. Can be made right or left-handed!

Next, to be sure a surface is properly planed you need a proper pair of WINDING STICKS. Placed on either end of your stock, their 18” length amplifies any winding (rhymes with finding) as you sight down along them. Contrasting (darker) wood inserts at each end of the sticks make them make them classy and confident to use

And please don't laugh at the DONKEY’S EAR! Mounted in your workbench vise, it holds your stock steady and at the perfect angle to shoot an end-grain miter as your smoothing plane rides in the long track.

Following these, we may have time to make a few more handy helpers such as squares, miter templates and so forth – we’ll see, this is a new class and you can be part of shaping it for the future!

Two days $315

Materials: $100-$150 (wood market price dependent) payable to instructor on day of class

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