Bark Buckets w/ Cara O'Connell

Bark Buckets w/ Cara O'Connell


You may have seen the story of these buckets in the Foxfire series of books. Also called Appalachian berry buckets, Cara O’Connell will show you how to make them from the most delicate to those sturdy enough to carry your chisels and drawknives in proper woodland style.

You can only make poplar bark buckets when the sap is rising and spring has sprung. Starting with a fresh tulip poplar log, you’ll slice and pop off the bark and fold it into a complete cylinder with a solid bottom. After sewing up the seams, you can strengthen the rim with a lashed-on bentwood ring.

Cara O’Connell (she’s our local greenwood leader) will provide all the materials. Come the Zombie apocalypse, you’ll be bark bucket ready!

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