Saw Sharpening Vise w/ Bill Anderson

Saw Sharpening Vise w/ Bill Anderson


Bill found this unique saw sharpening vise at a tool swap meet and I wish I had seen it first! Bill has refined the design and now you can make one of your own!

This is the classic stand-up saw sharpening vise, but with a most clever, all-wooden, jaw-tightening arrangement. A full width rod rides captive in slots cut on the inner faces of the uprights. Pushing down on the rod forces it against the wedge-shaped bottom end of one of the jaws - tightening the grip on your saw. To release the jaws, just pull up!

This new one-day class will give you experience in layout, mortise & tenon work, carving, chamfering - and a fine new saw-sharpening vise at the end of the day!

Materials: $105 paid directly to instructor on day of class.

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