Intro to Woodcarving - The Green Man w/ Mary May

Intro to Woodcarving - The Green Man w/ Mary May


Three Days

Join the famed woodcarver Mary May for your introduction to woodcarving! Step-by-step, you'll learn to carve the classic Green Man with basic tools, using techniques based on Mary's studies around the world and years as a professional carver in Charleston, SC. This 3-day class is for anyone who enjoys beauty and the craft! No carving experience is necessary, just your basic set of carving tools (below). Mary will show you how design the carvings, match your tools to the job and keep them razor sharp. You'll have a truly rewarding experience learning from this fine artist and teacher!

Your introductory carving is a traditional Greenman. Mary will go over the fundamental carving techniques such as how to work in the correct grain direction, and various carving tips and tricks as we discover the shapes of overlapping leaves and facial details. Bring a mirror so you can have something to reference while carving, and you can carve your self-portrait Green Man!

Materials: $50 for basswood starters and prepared butternut final blocks.


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Learn more about Mary May by visiting her web site at Mary May Carving. (opens new window)

You will need to provide your own tools for this class. Although Mary may some tools to borrow, bless the child who's got his own!

This just in!

Mary now has carving tool sets available at discounted prices from Chipping Away. Her students also get a 10% discount for tools from Chipping Away. That is only for tools in addition to the sets. The sets are already a reduced price. Here is the link: Mary May Carving Tool Sets

Tool list:

  • 6mm v-chisel
  • #3, 6mm
  • #3, 14mm 
  • #5, 14mm 
  • #7, 6mm
  • #7, 10mm
  • #7, 14mm
  • #9, 5mm (or equivalent small, curved gouge)
  • Any other flat or curved gouges you have
  • mallet
  • fingerless biking or weigh-lifting gloves